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Hello Friends !!    Welcome to BYOFF 2015

It is that time of the year again.
The SEA at Puri is particularly blue. The SUN shines particularly bright.
The SAND invites you castle builders.
It's time to prepare for BYOFF 2015

Coming soon to the beach at PURI... Orissa.
Film . Music. Theatre. Dance. Installations. Painting. Sculpture.

Independent minded cinema and arts with the Ocean as the backdrop.
Bring your film, if you have a film, or if you don't have a film, just bring yourself.

Bhadaas Dho !!!

This refreshing festival, which has been held since 2004 on the beautiful Puri beach in Orissa, in eastern India, has impeccable logic. It cheerfully bumps off all hierarchy, competition, juries and awards. Not only filmmakers, but also artists from other fields like music, theatre, painting, sculpture, dance, literature and photography are encouraged to participate and show their work. It is an informal, intimate gathering of artists; films are shown in makeshift tents by day and in the open air after sun down, right into the wee hours. The idea is to have an alternative, democratic platform, away from the bureaucracy and big cities, and where just about anybody can participate. Itís like a magical carnival by the sea for five days and nights.


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